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Without partners like these, A Chance to Change would not be able to serve the community with the level of expertise and resources needed to help change and save lives.  If you are interested in supporting A Chance to Change, we would ask you to consider making your gift now


Meet the A Chance to Change Board of Directors

Board of Directors
William Bozalis
Ron Carr
Charlie Crouse
Kelly Feroli
Mike Hensley
Justin Henry
Barbara Hill
Lorrie Jacobs
Tom Jester
Caleb McCoy
Zach Osko
Allen Paine
Marsh Pitman
Dianne Rasmussen
Brad Williams


Executive Committee
Chair, Steve Young
Past Chair, Tony Say
Secretary, Dan Batchelor
Treasurer, Marran Ogilvie
Vice-Chair of Finance & Audit,
Marran Ogilvie
Vice-Chair of Community Engagement,
Barbara Hill
Vice-Chair of Governance,
Susan Edwards
Vice-Chair of Programs,
Spence Carson

Advisory Board
Carl E. Edwards
Michael Joseph
Laura McConnell-Corbyn
Rob Northwood & Mark Potts