A Chance to Succeed

Alcohol is the leading cause of death in adolescents. Good kids can unwittingly get in trouble with alcohol and drugs. We partner with secondary schools to provide the A Chance to SUCCEED program. This program incorporates all three A Chance to Change strategies: education, prevention and treatment. A Chance to SUCCEED begins with alcohol, drug and addiction education for staff, students and parents.

Drug and alcohol screening is available for middle and high school students; behavioral groups and additional education are offered to interested or at-risk students. For students already involved in substance abuse, A Chance to SUCCEED offers early intervention and treatment, including professional counseling.

A Chance to SUCCEED provides services to those who cannot afford to pay for them, including:

  • Free education to parents and school staff.
  • Free drug and alcohol screenings for middle and high school age students.
  • Free education and behavioral groups for at-risk students.

For information about our prevention programs, presentations, and training opportunities, please call 840-9000 or email info@achancetochange.org.