Monthly Education Workshops

Join ACTC once a month to receive education on mindfulness, relationships, LGBTQ, parenting, interpersonal violence and more. Great for professionals and the public!

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Past Topics include:

Mindfulness: Applied to Self-care and Wellness

Description: Mindfulness is becoming well-known as an aspect of self-care and wellness. This 2-hour experiential workshop will explore the concept of mindfulness and activities that are often helpful in promoting mindfulness, including meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga. It is recommended that participants wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and have no medical conditions that could be adversely affected by mild to moderate exercise.

Connecting Together: A Couples Workshop

Description: This Couples Workshop offers a comfortable and safe place for you and your partner to learn about what keeps couples stuck in difficult patterns. Couples work isn’t about figuring out which partner is at fault or most responsible for the problems affecting the relationship. Couples work is about working together to improve the problems that maintain cyclical patterns. This workshop will provide you with the tools to improve communication and conflict resolution in your relationship. It will also give you resources for deepening your friendship and rekindling the fondness for one another.

Am I Doing This Right? Parenting during Adolescence

Description: Are you in the midst of parenting an adolescent, preparing to parent an adolescent, or trying to launch a teen into the world? Learn ways to feel confident and competent though the adolescent years. Equip yourself with education about adolescent development, effective parenting styles and skills for adolescents, and gain awareness on how to control your own emotions and responses.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Description: Discover how to craft a better experience parenting through the digital age. Social media isn’t going anywhere, be an educated role model for your children, learn preventative strategies, recognize problems, understand healthy limits and boundaries, and have balance in your life and home with technology. 

Gender and Sexual Diversity:
An Inclusive Talk for Individuals & Families

Description: This presentation aims to reduce stigma and bullying for LGBTQIA+ persons, their significant others, friends, family, and allies by exploring and increasing awareness of gender and sexual diversity and inclusion. The following areas will be highlighted: mental health, substance use, and wellness within the LGBTQIA+ community; addressing discrimination and stereotyping; and finding community resources and support for hope and healing.

Power and Control: Interpersonal Violence

Description: Discussing the cycle of abuse, the power and control wheel (with examples of what abuse actually is or looks like), a few statistics, the dangers of strangulation, the top risk factors for lethality, trauma/trauma bonds and what keeps them in the relationship, how abuse normally begins, myths and realities of abusers, and red flags in relationships.