Considering Giving the Gift of HOPE this season?

The Board of Directors and staff of A Chance to Change work hard to ensure all people have access to life-saving mental health and addiction treatment.

Our donor dollars in 2018 helped provide 13,434 service hours to 2,052 individuals and did you know that 81 cents of every dollar given to A Chance to Change goes to direct client services?  

This may mean you help a family understand addiction through the free weekly Addiction Education Series or you give a teenager small group support in school, to help them learn safe and healthy coping skills. Your gift may be the difference between life and death for a young mother struggling with addiction.

You will probably never know who you help, but I can assure you that your investment gains interest and a tidal wave of good in the lives of those you help save.

Everyone Deserves a Chance to Change

Amber A-2.jpg

Amber’s Story

Overcoming anxiety to lead her best life

I am a mom of three girls, but in 2015, when addiction took my family to its knees, I had the responsibility of caring for six girls overnight. It was not what my husband and I planned, but we knew we had to be there for their mom, my sister-in-law, so we became guardians while she worked hard on her sobriety. We stretched our finances to the max and did what we could to give each person the best chance of success.

Anxiety and stress had taken over our ability to cope, and after almost three years of caring for six kids on top of the regular pressures of life, I knew we needed to go to ACTC. Today, my husband and I, as well as other family members, benefit from regular counseling at the agency.

We were only able to start our journey of hope and healing because of your donations. The financial help has given us the expert care we needed to gain coping skills that help us get through every day. When you give to A Chance to Change, that donation grows as we get better. When I feel good I can give that away to others and that is priceless. The girls are back home in a sober, healthy home because of the great work of ACTC and supporters like you. Thank you.

Lori H-3.jpg

Lori’s Story

Rebuilding a better life for her family

After battling anxiety on my own without end in sight, I went to my doctor and was prescribed Xanax. At first, I thought it was working, but in reality, I was becoming addicted. My life started to implode; all I wanted to do was isolate myself. I did not have a clue what to do, so I decided to try getting sober. It was not easy, but with the support of loved ones, I was able to begin my journey on the path of recovery. However, after being clean and sober for a year, I was still in a fog, struggling to reacclimate with life.

One day, I just happened to drive past ACTC and thought to myself, “Today, I am going there.” In my 6 weeks at the agency, my life and relationships have improved. I see a future for myself now and I have a legacy to leave. My kids did not always get the best of me, but now because of the work I have done and the services I have received, my kids have seen me change, and it has opened our relationship up to healing.

I am so grateful for everyone who supports the agency; without those gifts, I would not have been able to receive the help I did through the A Chance to Recover program. I also want anyone struggling to know it is never too late or never too early to ask for help. A Chance to Change is for everyone.