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My name is Danielle, and today I am empowered.

My marriage was going through a hard time, it had been for a while; but I needed help figuring out how to handle it. I did not know if I should stick it out, or get a divorce. I had a son, and had to take into consideration how my choices would affect his life. I just needed an outside perspective to help me understand the thoughts in my head.

I was in church one day, and the pastor said, “It is not a bad option to talk to a professional.” I had previously heard about A Chance to Change from my employer, and in that moment, I thought to myself, “Okay, I get it! I will make an appointment.” It is somewhat funny; I ask for signs, and they always show up, big and neon!

When I walked in the doors of A Chance to Change, I had little confidence. I knew the tough decision that I needed to make, but it was hard to jump over the threshold of the unknown. Would I succeed, or I would fall on my face? I did not feel strong anymore, and I knew I needed to be for my son.

I love my son, and want him to have more than I had. I knew I could either throw up my hands or dig in and really start figuring out what to do. Being able to talk things out, I had a self-realization that it was not me causing the issue. I was able to get outside myself and stop making excuses for other people.

Eventually, my son and I both came in to A Chance to Change. With all the changes happening in both our lives, we learned how to hit the pause button, talk about things, take a break when we needed to and come back to tough conversations. I wanted my son to have an opportunity to communicate and express what he was feeling, and learn the tools to cope with life so that down the road when he starts his own family he would be prepared.

Today, I see my value; people are not allowed to run all over me anymore. I know I can make and handle the tough decisions life throws at me. I feel strong again for myself and for my son. Through counseling, I regained my voice, and I am able to say what I want for my life.