Addiction Education Series

This free, ongoing eight-part program teaches about the disease of chemical dependency, codependency, enabling, treatment, family roles, and behavioral addictions. The series has a special significance for people who are concerned about the addiction of a family member, a friend, or themselves.

Understanding Addictions

September 11 & November 6

Recovery and Addictive Behavior

September 18 & November 13

Intervention and Treatment

September 25 & November 27

Co-Dependency in Relationships

October 9 & December 12


August 14, October 16 & December 11

Co-Occurring/Mental Health Disorders

August 21, October 23 & December 18

Adolescence and Parenting

August 28 & October 30 


BRIGHTjourney ™ is a diagnostic and treatment model developed by Dr. Katrina Bright Cochran. Combining the use of PowerPoint segments and lecture, Dr. Bright Cochran will introduce and explore each of the five questions of identity in-depth. Discussion will follow the development of each question and then further lecture and presentation will be used to demonstrate the clinical application of these five questions. Additionally, the research bibliography will be given to each participant, as will sample pages of the workbook written by the author to accompany the lecture.